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Project Description
ExcelLite is a C#/Silverlight library for Silverlight applications that can read and write MS Excel ( Excel 97-2003) files without COM interaction. You can manipulate MS Excel files totally on client side as this library is using Binary excel format to read and write data.

So you don’t need to force your client to install Silverlight application “out of browser”, also COM interaction is not required with office DDLS.


Create Excel sheets,Exports Silverlight data to MS excel

Read Excel files, Imports excel data in Silverlight application.

Export Silverlight image to excel file

Code Examples:

Index of Code Examples on my blog

Example code and description for writing excel files with ExcelLite

Example dode and description for reading excel files into Silverlight with ExcelLite

Example , how to export silverlight image to an excel file with ExcelLite

Visit my blog for code examples or any other query

Intended Environment:

Visual Studio 2010

Silverlight 4

MS Excel 97-2003


This library based on LiuJunFeng 's library , i have ported and made some the modifications and enhancements to work with Silverlight.

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